Flavours of Spain

culture, food, beaches, adventure


Getting to know Spain means traveling back in time and being amazed by monuments ranging from an impressive aqueduct from the ancient Roman Empire to medieval castles or the most avant-garde architecture. Centuries of mixed cultures have made Spain a fascinating country with one of the most amazing artistic heritages in the world. If you come here, you will be enchanted by the stories hidden in each work of art and you will keep forever memories to share with your loved ones.


Spain is the third country in the world with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Tasty, healthy, traditional, creative, assorted. It can be tasted in tapas, enjoyed in popular restaurants and in haute cuisine elaborations... Spanish gastronomy is famous all over the world, as shown by the international recognition of its chefs, as well as being healthy and an example of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is the star ingredient; Iberian ham, a national pride; and Spanish wines, the ideal accompaniment for a toast.


Spain has more than 200 Michelin-starred restaurants.



Extensive opening hours, large pedestrian shopping areas, international brands, local designers, exclusive showrooms, personalized services, original stores and 100% handcrafted products full of charm. Choose your style and set the trend with all the comforts in Spain.


Traveling to a great Spanish city is much more than visiting monuments and museums. It is to stroll through streets full of atmosphere, mingle with its people and be part of their life. It is to have hundreds of things to do.


If sport is your passion, you will love Spain. Around 300 days of sunshine a year and spectacular landscapes will make you enjoy the outdoors like never before. Imagine: thousands of kilometers of trails to walk or cycle, golf courses created by great designers, perfect beaches for surfing and diving, horseback riding along the coast...


Feel the first-hand experience of the sport in Spain!