stalking: an exciting hunt

gredos ibex

Gredos Ibex are strong animals that live in high and rocky mountains. The Hunting Reserve of Gredos is situated in the Central System.

beceite ibex

Hunting is done by stalking in Teruel’s game reserves, in the Maestrazgo mountains.

ronda ibex

It is the smallest of the four subspecies in Spain, with s kind of horns very different from those of the other species.


It is hunted in the southern area of Spain.

southeast ibex

Male ibex from southern Spain or Sierra Nevada.


The horns of typical males have a rough surface, curved backwards.



The king of the mountain. It is the largest deer in Spain. In September, one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature, La Berrea, takes place. It is the ideal time to hunt the big males.

fallow deer

Intermediate in size between the red deer and the roe deer, the fallow deer has the typical appearance of a cervid.


It differs from the common red deer (Cervus elaphus), another large European cervid, in its smaller size, its webbed antlers and its reddish-brown hair with white specks in spring and summer.


The mouflon es a beatiful animal, colorful animal which is smart and fast on it feet.


The Mouflon has presence in most of the Spanish hunting areas.

aoudod sheep

This species was introduced in Spain in 1970. Its rapid expansion has made it spread to Murcia, Alicante and Valencia, where we hunt them.

pyrenayca chamois

The Pyrenaica chamois is a small bovid, smaller and more slender than the ibex.


It lives between 1000 and 2800 meters in the Pyrenees.


cantabrian chamois

The chamois is distributed in Castilla y León, only in the highest areas of the Cantabrian Mountains.


Its hunting season is divided into two: the first one, from the beginning of June to mid-July, and the second one, from the beginning of September to mid-November.

balearian boc

The Mallorcan wild goat or Balearian Boc is one of the first species introduced by humans in the Balearic Islands.


The Balearian Boc is one of the most valued species in the world of hunting, both nationally and internationally.

roe deer

Spain has long been associated with high quality roe deer trophies.


The roe deer is a remarkably adaptable animal, being able to live in closed forests as well as in wide grasslands.

wild boar

The wild boar (Sus scrofa) has a marked sexual dimorphism: males are larger and have more developed canines. They are hunted in stalking and hunting.

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